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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Working Minds Essay #115: Pre-Election Report

Google has changed their ranking algorithm so drastically in the last year that I am reaping next to no commission money from the Amazon links on the 1,600 hand-coded pages on my five online bookstores and the other sub-sites of my various domains. Before the 2008 G.O.P. Economic Meltdown, I earned $100 in some months; then payments fell because folks were buying less, so that last year I made $30 some months; this year the algorithm changes have shrunk my commissions to single digit dollars – daily results show no sales at all for two and three weeks at a time. (Amazon's associates fee schedule pays 4% to 6% commission on each purchase from my links depending on the product category.)

I have tried several programs and products to increase SEO ranking on my websites, but it isn't happening. Google Plus was announced as being shut down this month and in the process of removing Google+ code from a dozen or so of my 1,600 pages, I discovered a recommend-ation by the business website that joining Google Small Business was a good thing to do to increase SEO ranking. I have done so, but it is early yet to see results.

So working all day to add more content on my websites is not cost effective at this time. This happens to coincide with increased activity among non-family connections on Facebook. Facebook is the number two time-waster on the internet (Pinterest is the #1 time-waster); Facebook is a surveillance engine and its availability as social media is secondary: while Facebook is active on your PC or laptop or PDA their software captures every keyboard stroke that you make.

However, I have gotten into the habit or practice over the last several weeks of spending almost all of my online work time using Facebook to spread the word to promote Democratic Party candidates and democratic/progressive memes.

My favorite politician is Martin Heinrich, the U.S. Senator for New Mexico who is up for re-election to his second term. Republican opponent Mark Rich is weak and has few fans, but former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson just got into the race and he is well-funded as a Libertarian Party candidate by the Koch Brothers and other out-of-state money. Kool-aid Republican trolls abound on Facebook, with several especially dimwitted out-of-state trolls trying to damage Martin Heinrich.

In indulging my bitterest ad hoc humor to respond to these trolls, I developed a bunch of memes that I use to stomp on them, 'with prejudice'.

Here are those memes and sayings and factoids, for use by readers of this blog:

1) Blue Tsunami or fascism - CHOOSE !!
Blue Tsunami or economic disaster - CHOOSE !!
Blue Tsunami or voter suppression - CHOOSE !!
Blue Tsunami or environmental disaster - CHOOSE !!
Blue Tsunami or gun violence - CHOOSE !!
Blue Tsunami or torture & murder - CHOOSE !!
Blue Tsunami or racism - CHOOSE !!

I select two or three items from the above list and post as a comment; these get lots of Likes and red hearts.

2) "Zero Tolerance for Pollution in New Mexico"

3) “If the Republican Party had anything of value to offer the American voter, they would not need to lie and cheat and steal to win elections.” ~~~ G.E. Nordell

4) "The battle against ignorance and apathy and magical thinking is a full time job." ~~ G.E. Nordell

5) "FASCISM is when the corporations and the military take the government away from the people" ~~ Benito Mussolini, 1926

this event took place in the USA with the execrable Citizens United decision of January 2010 and then the GOP gameplan Secret Powell Memorandum of 1971 was fulfilled the day that Emperor Trump took office -- and now SCOTUS is locked in for the next 30 years

6) The Gamble v. US case goes to SCOTUS this week -- without Kavanaugh, the 4 to 4 vote lets the matter hang – WITH flunky Kavanaugh, the law will be changed so that anyone that Emperor Trump pardons for federal crimes cannot be charged for state crimes – THAT is why the hurry-up and the cover-up – Kavanaugh is the Trump Crime Family's get-out-of-jail-free card !!

We have but 20 days until the November 6th national election – local elections are equally important this time and always – which may just be our last chance to restore the Constitution as the basis of law and government in the United States.

Blue Tsunami or fascism - CHOOSE !!

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