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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Open Letter To Congress


1) VIOLATING THE OATH OF OFFICE: Abject failure to ‘uphold and defend the Constitution’; promotion & assumption of Unitary Executive (dictator) privileges; 800-plus signing statements; cancellation of habeas corpus & posse comitatus laws and other Constitutional provisions; illegal wiretapping, which began before September 11.

2) TREASON: Intentionally revealing the identity of the covert C.I.A. operation Brewster Jennings, and its chief agent, Valerie Plame Wilson – resulting in the deaths of foreign agents, and in the end of C.I.A. data-gathering on W.M.D. in the Middle East.

3) WAR PROFITEERING, which Harry Truman said is treason.

4) INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES: Invading a sovereign nation; blatant violations of the Geneva Convention; torture and murder of prisoners.

5) U.S. WAR CRIMES: Torture of innocent civilians; perpetual imprisonment of civilians at Guantanamo; rendering to ‘black site’ facilities; mistreatment of veterans and active military; abuse of National Guard and Reserve and active duty military personnel (placed in harm’s way without adequate training or equipment, redeployed without proper rest).

6) BANKRUPTING THE COUNTRY: The official National Debt is now close to nine trillion dollars, an increase of 56% by Bush.

7) BEARING FALSE WITNESS: Formal and public falsification of information given to Congress and to the American people; a string of cover-ups, and then cover-ups of the cover-ups.

8) ELECTION FRAUD, including targeted voter disenfranchisement.


10) STACKING THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM: Using un-Constitutional provisions of the Patriot Act to appoint federal judges and U.S. attorneys without the ‘advice and consent’ of Congress.

11) DAMAGE TO THE ENVIRONMENT: Denial of the facts of global warming; muzzling of scientists; sell-off of natural resources; reversal of environmental protection laws; closing of the E.P.A. library; appointment of industry executives to oversight bodies.

**     **     **     **

          Part of the neo-con denial of George Dubya Bush’s blatant psychopathy is to say that the impeachment process takes too long, that before Congress can get that job done, a new occupant of the White House will replace Bush in January 2009.

          The historic reality is that the G.O.P.’s witch-hunt is what took a long time, because there were no crimes by Bill & Hillary to prosecute. The special prosecutor spent $60 million and found nothing! After manipulating the situation so that Clinton lied about having sex ‘with that woman’, the actual process of impeachment took a mere two months, and the end result was that the U.S. Senate found Clinton not guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

          If the 110th Congress manages to find the cojones to do their sworn duty, our criminal President and Vice President and their mob of fascist freedom-haters can be sent packing – either to prison or to exile – before 2007 ends.
          After regime change, America can then get to work fixing the damage done by the Bush administration.

**     **     **     **

Please copy the above into the online message form for your Congressperson and both Senators for your state.