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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who Killed Julius Caesar?

George W. Bush has committed hundreds of crimes while in office as President of the U.S.A. Aside from the Oil War and the obliteration of Constitutional law, perhaps Bush's most heinous single criminal act was ordering others to reveal the identity of a covert agent of the C.I.A., Valerie Plame Wilson.

Bush's co-conspirators include Karl Rove, VP Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, Richard Armitage, Ari Fleischer, and Alberto Gonzalez – all are guilty of conspiracy and-or treason. Several journalists were involved – Bob Woodward, Walter Pincus, Judith Miller, Robert Novak, David Gregory – and their individual culpability ranges from bystander/victim to traitor.

The neo-fascist P.N.A.C. machine forced Armitage to confirm in September 2006 that he had revealed Plame's identity to Woodward in June 2003 and to Novak in July 2003, and thus he was first, though he may not have known that Plame was a covert agent. (Armitage is now a board member at the ConocoPhillips oil company, and also a lobbyist.)

The spin-meisters then spread the bogus excuse that since Armitage was the first conspirator to reveal Plame's identity, none of the other conspirators committed any crime.

Wrong. Very wrong.

(It is beyond tedious to have to refute each and every lame 'my dog ate my homework' excuse put forth from the P.N.A.C. machine, one after the other, ad infinitum, ad nauseum – but reality must be defended from the never-ending propaganda onslaught. These thousands of dastardly crimes demand prosecution.)

Caesar's Assassination
The assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar is the proper analogy for the outing of Plame.

The story that is taught as Official History is that Caesar was acting a lot like Dubya – they both match the definition of tyrant – and so about 60 members of the Roman Senate surrounded Ceasar and stabbed him to death on the Ides of March in the year 44 B.C.E. Historians seem to agree that Caesar's body sustained 23 stab wounds.

If there was a 'C.S.I.-Ancient Rome' team to examine the evidence, they would have had a tough time pinpointing which stab wound caused the death of Caesar. However, trying to name the one toga-draped politician who murdered Caesar is both futile and needless.

The fact is that each of the 23 politicians who were successful in stabbing Caesar committed an act of first degree murder, and the other 37 Senators aided and abetted (at minimum).

Back To Bush and PlameGate
Each and every neo-fascist string-puller or puppet committed an Act of Treason when they spoke the name of an active covert C.I.A. spy to any person who had neither proper security clearance nor a legitimate (U.S. national security-related) Need To Know.

• Plame's career at the C.I.A. was stopped dead in its tracks.
• Her brass-plate front company Brewster Jennings was closed down on the day that Novak's mentioned her name & job in his widely-syndicated column.
• Once the name and purpose of Brewster Jennings became public, foreign agents were tortured and killed, and others were placed in fear of discovery and subsequent execution for treason against their own country.
• Most significantly, Plame's operation for gathering intelligence on nuclear weapons and W.M.D. in the Middle East evaporated overnight – a boon to the war-mongers who reap profits from the Oil War in Iraq.

Who committed treason in the PlameGate event?
Dubya gave the order to Cheney, who passed that order on to Libby – per the memo in Dick Cheney's handwriting entered as evidence in the recent trial that convicted Libby of perjury. Armitage was merely the first to obey that order. Rove committed multiple acts of treason by speaking about Plame with several reporters. Novak committed treason twice: in revealing Plame's identity and job on 14 July 2003, and then again in revealing the existence and purpose of Brewster Jennings on 10 October 2003. (Miller and Pincus kept their mouths shut; both have had their reputations damaged; Miller lost her job.)

Just like the stabbers of Caesar, they all did the deed: Bush, Cheney, Rove, Libby, Armitage, Novak, Gonzalez and any other government official who gave out classified information for political retaliation against Ambassador Joe Wilson and his C.I.A.-agent wife.

Impeachment is way overdue.

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