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Monday, January 12, 2009

Essay #85: “Open Letter to the Attorneys General”

You are granted authority – and assigned the duty – by the U.S. Constitution to remove criminals from free Society.

This must include the traitors, blackmailers and killers that have done such great damage to America during their various terms in office within the eight-year debacle that has been the Bush administration.

George W. Bush has run up more debt than any other person in the history of Mankind. And with his guidance, the Bush administration has pissed on the environment, ransacked the Treasury, shat upon America’s good name, filled the gap between Church and State with the stench of sanctity, and stomped on the Bill of Rights.

Their many specific crimes include shredding official documents, disobeying Congressional subpoenas and federal law, decimation of the Commonwealth, violations of the Geneva Convention, war profiteering, illegal wiretapping of Americans and foreigners, egregious invasion of privacy, and torture of civilians and enemy combatants.

It is a Historic Damn Shame that the Bush Gang will not be impeached during these last few days of their tenure.

But here are two points of Law that should be remembered by the current and the next U.S. Attorney General, as well as by all the present and incoming Federal Attorneys across this Nation:

1} There is NO Statute of Limitations on treason or murder, nor on certain provisions of the Geneva Convention.

2} President Bush cannot pardon himself. This principle in law also prevents President Bush from pardoning anyone with whom he conspired to commit a crime. Though he may attempt to initiate such documents, they are null and void.

Thus Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Robert Novak, Scooter Libby, David Addington and others can and should be prosecuted for Treason. Thus Alberto Gonzales, Harriet Myers, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard B. Myers, Geoffrey Miller, Conda- leeza Rice, John Negroponte and too many others to mention can and must be prosecuted for their crimes against America and against Humanity.

* *          * *          * *          * *

The American People elected Barack Obama to be our 44th President, voicing our demand for Change. That Change must include a return to Constitutional Law, which was buried under the lies and stealth practices and false ‘national security’ shield of the Patriot Acts, and behind the pretense of George Bush’s record thousand-plus signing statements.

The Law has been ignored and battered and twisted and corrupted for eight years.

The American People want an end to corruption, an end to unfettered bribery, an end to civil rights abuses, and an end to corporate-fascist license to profit by the raping and pillage of what once was the Best Country On The Planet.

These criminals need to be prosecuted for their crimes, and sentenced to the maximum punishment allowable, for the American People need this to be done, to restore the Soul of America

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