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Monday, May 29, 2006

Above The Law

The evidence that George Dubya Bush and his co-conspirators are and have been holding themselves above the law is mounting:

  • The New York Times first revealed the N.S.A. program of warrantless wiretapping of U.S. phone calls & data-mining of phone company records in December 2005.

  • More indictments are pending by Special Prosecutor Patrick 'Bulldog' Fitzgerald in the Valerie Plame C.I.A. leak 'Treasongate' scandal.
    Working Minds Timeline of the TreasonGate Cover-Up

  • Bush on May 5th quietly issued a presidential memorandum that was published on May 14th under the innocuous title "Assignment of Function Relating to Granting of Authority for Issuance of Certain Directives: Memorandum for the Director of National Intelligence". The memo gives 'executive power' to Director of National Intellligence John Negroponte to absolve any corporation from requirements to file reports to the S.E.C. or I.R.S. in the name of 'national security'. The existence of this shadow power move was revealed by
    Business Week Online on May 23rd.

  • On April 30th, the Boston Globe published its research detailing the 750+ signing statements issued by Bush, saying that he will not enforce or obey those laws as passed by Congress. ...

  • The Federal Reserve discontinued publication of the M3 monetary aggregate report in February 2006. The M3 Report was the primary indicator of the size of the money supply, i.e. the amount of money in circulation. The value of the M3 doubled in the prior 9 years, which no other part of the economy has matched – a certain cause of inflation. (The fiscally irresponsible Bush administration has also doubled the U.S. National Debt since he took office.) It is natural to presume that the M3 report was eliminated so that further inflationary moves will be hidden from public view.

    Working Minds 'Stopping George Dubya Bush' Page
  • Sunday, May 28, 2006

    economics tidbits #2

    "In 2005, there were 9 million American millionaires, a 62% increase since 2002." — Mother Jones Magazine May/June 2006

    "Adjusted for inflation, the federal minimum wage has fallen 42% since its peak in 1968." — Mother Jones Magazine May/June 2006

    "Two-parent families are spending 16% more time at work, or 500 hours a year, than they did in 1979." — The Nation May 2006

    Due to the rise in metal prices (especially zinc), the cost of making a U.S. penny is now 1.4 cents and the cost of making a nickel is now 5.73 cents.

    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    U.S. Elections of 2006

    Most U.S. local & state primary elections are June 6th; the national/general election is November 6th.

    Any U.S. citizen who does not vote in the 2006 Primary and 2006 General Elections surrenders the right to call him-/herself an American.

    It is time to take the country back from the Carlisle Group, Halliburton, Kellogg-Brown-Root 'petroleum industrial complex' that pulls the strings attached to mouthpiece-puppet George Dubya Bush.

    The impeachment of Bush & Cheney hinges on the people's will, expressed in the June 2006 Primary Elections – replacing all G.O.P. candidates and fellow-traveling Democrats – and in the November 2006 General Elections.

    Your country is calling for action, for a New Revolution, for a stand to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution against the fascists running the Bush Administration.

    A new 2006 U.S. National Elections Page has been added on the Working Minds website; it will be updated regularly.

    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    Rove indicted

    word is out that on Friday {May 12th} Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald handed warrants to Karl Rove's lawyers specifying indictments of Rove for perjury and obstruction of justice

    update May 27: nothing has since happened on this, which seems to be connected to the indictment itself being secret; no 'U.S. vs. Rove' case was filed that day, but there is a 'Sealed vs. Sealed' filing; what is going on? conjecture has it that Fitzgerald's boss ordered the secrecy

    update June 13: Rove's lawyer stated that Rove will not be prosecuted, based on a letter from Fitzgerald; Fitzgerald's office declined to confirm or deny the statement.

    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    wholesale price of gas

    According to the governor of Montana, he and the governers of Wyoming and North Dakota set up a coalition and met with in-state oil producers to ramp up production of crude oil a couple weeks ago. The producers agreed. Turned out the bottleneck up there is the pipeline to the refineries.

    The pipeline people offered the independent American oil producers $32 a barrel! – during a time when crude oil on the world market is over $70 a barrel.

    Price-gouging is a fact. And Gov. Schweitzer has asked his Attorney General to investigate: see PDF file of memo.

    (based on an interview with Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana, heard on the Ed Schultz radio show Thursday 4 May 2006)

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    price of gas + boycott

    the average price of gas/petrol when George Bush was anointed President was $1.46 per gallon; the current price (5 years later) is an average of $2.91 per gallon, an increase of 100% [from the A.A.A. in April 2006]

    while many pooh-pooh the idea or effectiveness of a boycott, the chain emails in support of a boycott of Exxon-Mobil are an angry response to the unconscionable windfall profits that Exxon-Mobil and the others of the U.S. oil monopoly have taken out of your pocket

    the bottom line about the boycott is that it won't hurt to drive past Exxon-Mobil's retail locations and buy from another brand – the message may get delivered if enough join in; the Valero-Shamrock C-store in my town keeps their pump price several cents lower than the others, so Shamrock is my usual fill up anyway