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Friday, January 30, 2015

Well, That Explains it

        After living here in Valencia County for nine years, somebody finally explained to me the secret behind much of the silly happenings here.
        Both Belen and Los Lunas were built atop a giant lode of Belenium ore. The effect varies based on where you are and how deep the Belenium vein is at that location.
        It’s sorta like kryptonite, the green stuff from Superman’s home planet that messes with him in various ways
        Attempts have been made here to mine Belenium, but nobody wants the stuff.
        See, Belenium explains why people in Valencia County have such difficulty parking between the lines.
        It explains why Valencia County has no hospital, even after an offer for 60 acres of free land.
        It explains why drivers in Valencia County think that they are supposed to add 50 percent to the posted speed limit and they are still legal.
        It explains why so many voters choose fascism and vote for Republican candidates. Which is the same thing as not voting at all.
        And the fact that the biggest deposit of Belenium ore is directly underneath Belen City Hall explains lots and lots.
Copyright 2015 by G.E. Nordell, all rights reserved
Printed in the Valencia County News Bulletin on 29 January 2015

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Year-End Website Statistics for 2014

Hey, once again got'er done on the First!

The basic numbers from the year of 2014 are that I coded 65 new pages and 2,172 new covers (linked to Amazon); I now have 500+ connections on LinkedIn, 111 friends on two new Facebook accounts, and 22 new postings here on my blog {all-time total now 307}.

Anyone who wants to see the detail can go to