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Thursday, December 30, 2021


Three stops at the V.A. this morning went well, followed by yummy lunch; then I went to a store where I purchase a particular item (Amazon, Staples, etc. sell by the box only) but a different store was in place; went inside and asked, my store moved about a mile away, good directions; found the store, they sell too few of my item, so not in stock; purchased substitute and asked why the move; store lady said that uniformed A.P.D. shut down a majority of stores at the old place, based on COVID compliance chicanery, then ten officers would show up to install a sign warning people away; customer traffic there died off completely, so store lady found a better location: small mall with 30 stores and a McDonald's next door, lots of customer traffic now.

Add that story to the recent letter in the newspaper from somebody whose job is driving around ABQ all day; he complains that A.P.D. is not halting street racing at night, not catching speeders seen all day long, not catching drivers running red lights also seen all day long, not dealing with panhandlers and homeless - in fact, he has noticed for several months now NOT seeing one single traffic stop by A.P.D.

Minimal data here, sure, but given the terrible crime statistics glossed over by ABQ officials, I surmise that there is some kind of 'blue flu' conspiracy and that the patrol officers are hoping that the crime situation gets so bad that more fascist Republicans will be elected to City Council and-or Mayor and that A.P.D. will then be turned loose to employ their jack-booted intention to further instill fear among the already-oppressed citizenry.

COVID is not the only epidemic causing daily life to be ever more dangerous.