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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Possibility and The Election

Possibility does not exist a priori. Possibility is created from Nothing.

A prediction (why not? it's free) for the 2020 national election: A Joe Biden avalanche at 60+ percent popular vote and more than enough in the Electoral College (he only needs 270); Emperor Trump is deposed with less than 40 percent. Democrats keep the House and win the Senate, sending McConnell & Grisham home. Democrats also win dozens of state legislatures so that it becomes safe to offer Constitutional Amendments to legalize universal healthcare (including every person's right to choose his/her medical procedures), to define universal rights that include marriage for adult couples and voting for every citizen, and another to repeal Citizens United v. FEC.

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Monday, October 19, 2020


MarkZ recently confirmed that he and Emperor Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner are now best buddies and they maintain an 'open line' of communication so that they can speedily consult each other. Consult? What are they each plotting?

On the evening of Tuesday October 19th, the Facebook website changed radically. The ONLY option now is the cellphone/PDA view, there is NO other option available. So on any 1500-pixel desktop screen, the left-hand third and the right-hand third are blank and completely worthless. Another atrocious element of the change is that users can no longer simply Save the posted pictures: we are required to go thru the CTL/Print Screen process.

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Ready For 2021 ?

“A legal career is but a means to an end. And that end is building the kingdom of God."
~~ Judge Amy Coney Barrett

"Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night . . ."
~~ Bette Davis in "All About Eve" [1950]

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Amazon Prime Days

dislike Jeff Bezos?
but shop on Amazon anyway?
if you go to my bookstores index page
and make it a Favorite
then I will get the 4-6% commission for any purchase that you make
and billionaire Jeff does not (skips default)

and if you are a member of Amazon Prime
you can participate in the 48-hour Amazon Prime Day event [2020 = Oct 13-14]
by the same route - just scroll down to the Prime section

today and tomorrow Prime members and new trial members
are offered a million one-time pre-holiday deals
such as 60% off specific items

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Thursday, October 08, 2020

Two Letters Printed Today !

Albuquerque [NM] Journal Thursday 8 October 2020
Opinion Page / Speak Up! Section [page A13]

A FRIEND of mine is sewing fabric face masks with a pacifier inside, for bikers and Republicans and others who whine about wearing a mask for safety during the COVID-19 epidemic. The whiners won't buy such a thing, but they make an interesting gift idea.

Valencia County News-Bulletin
Thursday 8 October 2020
Opinion Section [page 4-A]

Bowling Alley Park?
       Went over to Belen [recently] to The Grid Gallery on Becker Avenue. Got a free Biden/Harris bumper sticker and discussed King Arthur.
       I was impressed by the huge hole in the sky from the absence of the old bowling alley. And the M-90 Doodlebug sure is real pretty.
       Well, I am a very creative guy, so the following idea soon appeared:
       The City of Belen should buy the vacant land, probably cheap in price since there is now nothing on it. Tear out the temporary asphalt and replace with grass. Then name it Bowling Alley Park and erect a gigantic bowling pin, sorta like the big pistachio nut down in Alamogordo, only at least 100-feet tall.
       Then the city and the Chamber of Commerce can challenge the silly people who like to climb big boulders to come here and climb to the top — but no pitons!
       The climbing permit would cost a dollar and include life insurance; no permit then the climber broke the law and cannot sue the city for any mishap.
       Just think about it: T-shirts, postcards, an annual Bowling Pin Festival, Miss Pin-spotter! Belen could become as famous as Yosemite Park!

     Rio Communities, New Mexico

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Monday, October 05, 2020

Trump Is Boring/Bored

DJT got bored in quarantine? he is really not going to like being in prison . . . for now though, maybe he could sign 208,000 'jeez, I am so sorry' postcards to the Americans that he killed so far this year from the trumpvirus

Saturday, October 03, 2020

News Factoids for Second & Third Quarter 2020


The Labor Department on Friday May 8th said that 20.5 million jobs were lost in April, and the unemployment rate climbed to 14.7 percent.

The Department of Labor released the most recent unemployment insurance (UI) claims data on May 26th, showing that another 2.2 million people filed for regular UI benefits in the week ending May 16 (not seasonally adjusted) and 1.2 million for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), the new program for workers who aren’t eligible for regular UI, such as gig workers.

The U.S. Department of labor reported on August 8th that 29.7 million American workers are either on Unemplyment Insurance benefits or have applied and are waiting a decision. The U.S. labor force reached a high of 164.6 million persons in February 2020, so that means that the official unemployment rate is really 18%, and that actual unemployment is probably at least 25% - the official unemployment rate during the Great Depression was 23%.


More than half of the COVID-19 cases in New Mexico are Native Americans even though Native Americans only make up roughly 10% of our population. -- tom udall, mid-may 2020

on Saturday August 22nd, data collected by Johns Hopkins University showed that the global death toll from the coronavirus surpassed 800,000, while the number of confirmed cases across the world shot past 23 million.

A new internet distinction/meme has shown up: today's kids are part of Generation C, those whose education (K-college) was messed up by the coronavirus epidemic.


538 women are running for Congress this year, breaking 2018's record While the 2018 midterm elections saw a historic number of women run for Congress, 2020 has already broken that record. In 2018, 529 women filed to run for the House or the Senate, with 117 ultimately elected or appointed. This year, some 538 female congressional candidates have filed their paperwork so far. Among them are 490 women vying for House seats, according to data from Rutgers University's Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), up from 476 in 2018. So far, 48 women have filed to run for Senate in 2020, just behind 2018's record of 53.


The Democrats did indeed find dirt on Trump (easy: Trump is dirty): Trump was impeached but Moscow Mitch prevented an actual trial in the Senate; as to the Mueller report and all that, Republican Senators released Volume 5 of their report in August, concluding that "the Trump campaign had regular contact with Russians and welcomed their help" in the 2016 election.

The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday released its fifth and final report on Russia's 2016 election interference, concluding that the Trump campaign had regular contact with Russians and welcomed their help. The Senate panel said former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort posed a 'grave counterintelligence threat' due to his 'willingness to share information' with associates of Russian agents. The investigation supported many of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's conclusions, including that Trump associates tried to get information hacked from Democrats and released by WikiLeaks in a bid to damage then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign. Trump has called the Russia investigations a hoax, but the Senate report rejects Trump's claim that the F.B.I. had no reason to investigate his campaign's contacts with Russia.

the Bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report about Trump and his role in Russian Interference in our presidential 2016 election:

"The report ... describes how Russia launched an aggressive, wide-ranging effort to interfere in the election on Donald Trump's behalf. It says Trump associates were eager to exploit the Kremlin's aid, particularly by maximizing the impact of the disclosure of Democratic emails that were hacked by Russian military intelligence officers."

"The report from the Republican-led panel lays out significant contacts between Trump associates and Russians, describing for instance a close professional relationship between Trump campaign chairman Paul Mananfort and Konstantin Kilimnik, whom the committee describes without equivocation as a Russian intelligence officer."


PREDICTION: On or about January First, 2021 there will be T-shirts on the market reading 'I SURVIVED 2020'

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