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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Problem Is The National Debt, NOT The Budget Deficit

When Reagan took office, the National Debt was ONE TRILLION DOLLARS, which included the entire Vietnam War.

At the end of Reagan-Bush (12 years), the National Debt was FOUR TRILLION - the GOP quadrupled it.

Clinton did lots that I don't like, but his fiscal policies shine: in his first term the increase was reduced to 25% and at the end of his second term he handed a BUDGET SURPLUS to George W.

George W. squandered the surplus and quadrupled the National Debt from $5.7 TRILLION to $25 TRILLION -- George W. Bush ran up the most debt of any person in the history of mankind.

Barack Obama saved the world economy before the GOP managed to prevent all his further proposals; in any case, Obama held the National Debt steady at $25T.

The idiot Trump has already handed $5.8T in loot to the One Percent in only 20 months, it simply gets added to the National Debt -- AND -- the GOP is now coming after your Social Security and otherwise working to bankrupt the country.

Blue Tsunami or economic disaster - CHOOSE !!

Copyright 2018 by G.E. Nordell, all rights reserved

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