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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Frontier Justice

living in a small town can be real different; don't know the facts of this matter, but this is some recent hearsay 'from the street'

across the river in B-town, the cops are lackadaisical and seldom seen; the citizens believe that the Police Dept. is under orders NOT to be aggressive, to let speeders go unchallenged, to just lie low until an actual emergency call comes in, at which time dispatch then wakes up one of the two patrol cars...

the blame is laid on the female City Manager, 'Ms. G', who runs things from her corner office overlooking Main Street

the idea is that non-aggressive police reduces paper work, and thus reduces the crime statistics turned in to the F.B.I. by the city (required of all jurisdictions in the U.S.); this is intended to record false crime rates, so the real estate-developer faction can advertise 'low crime in B-town'

sounds like Republican anti-Reason tactics to me, since the reality of crime in B-town is known to all residents, who are well-informed via the local 'grapevine' as to events committed outside the fake statistics, such as the un-documented & thus unsolved annual paint-ball assault on Main Street office buildings last week

solutions abound, but the ones I like best are a recall election of the City Manager and-or an investigation of the falsified reports that were sent to the F.B.I.

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onefourtwelve said...

Republican, anti-reason tactics are the things that keep small towns afloat. At least B-Town isn't like (my) A-Town where police officers are charged with domestic violence and stealing from the city yet still allowed to stay on the force. The grapevine always complains that they want something done, but when it comes down to it the grapevine is cowardly.