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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Cure for Genital Herpes?

back in 1995, I broke my left ankle; the damage included restriction of some blood vessels among the bones, such that my foot was swollen for several months; finally, the doctor gave me a prescription that eliminated that problem, with the enexpected side effect of stopping breakouts of the blisters from the genital herpes that had I acquired many years before

I have had NO blisters in the ten years since that treatment; a couple times when I was really stressed there was a little itching, but NO blisters or anything close; I am clear that this is not a true 'cure', but the absence of breakouts is a very, very good thing

I still carry the virus, no doubt, and 'shedding' is still a social/sexual restriction, but I figured early on that this accidental benefit might be of use to Mankind, specifically the 20% of the population who carry the herpes simplex virus (known or unknown)

so I contacted the Herpes Society and was referred to a doctor in Los Angeles County and talked to him on the phone; he pooh-poohed my report, and explained his position, coming from being a medical professional; one, one incident means nothing; two, the medicine involved is a steroid, and steroids often have the effect of making the disease worse (he said); he told me to forget my idea

so I let that go, but kept thinking about getting this info out to fellow herpes 'sufferers'; when I finally got onto the internet, I researched the steroid medicine – I have kept the package – on various websites & search engines, hoping to alert a manufacturer to the idea that a little research & development might evolve into a product designed for use by 20% of the population, or at least some portion of them, and they could make a ton of money

turns out that this steroid medicine was already a generic drug, manufactured by the chemical name, so I had no idea who to contact and attempt to enroll

so this info is now being made public by me with the intention that someone, some 'insider' in the drug industry or medical field, take this ball and run with it, for the improvement of a lot of people's lives (and maybe make some bucks, that is okay)

any medical professional who wants further details can contact me using the email link on my Profile; I DO want to know your bona fides, as I believe that steroids are often misused and do not want some internet-savvy drug dealer to open up a new illegal market that could risk lives, etc

such a product could relieve a lot of stress & anxiety among a major segment of the population, and anybody who is willing to risk a little R&D could benefit themselves and Mankind at the same time

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