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Friday, October 06, 2023


1) Choose a deep soup bowl or ramekin dish; recycling cooks might re-use a dish from the Hormel Compleat entrees (to give you an idea on the size).

2) Open a 7-ounce can of mushrooms, sliced or pieces; drain the mushrooms and spread in the bottom of the bowl.

3) Open an 8-ounce can of whole oysters, such as sold by Chicken of The Sea brand; drain and spread atop the mushrooms.

4) Spread lots of butter atop the oysters; sprinkle powdered garlic on top; optionally sprinkle other spice, such as steak seasoning or black pepper.

5) Cook in microwave, with cover if you have one: the tea setting on my oven is 2 minutes, I cook the oyster meal for 90 seconds.

6) Eat with a spoon; the juice at the bottom is quite tasty.

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