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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Innocent Intervention

When I lived where fast food places were really busy, I decided not to use my own name because so many other names rhymed. So now, when the cashier order taker asks me to provide a name for the order, I give them a doozie. How special that there is no law against naming the meal anything that you want.

So my list includes Nebuchudnezzer (Biblical king), Bubba, Jawaharlal (Nehru, first president of modern India), Thorstein (Veblen, famous sociologist), Aristotle, Balthazar (one of the Three Wise Men), and Shadnack, Meshak, or Abednego (Book of Daniel).

If I'm in a particular mood, I name my meal Spartacus; then when an employee calls that name, I stand and raise a fist high, and shout "I am Spartacus!".

You are invited to do this also. This very mild form of messing with people is available to all. You might just innocently intervene in another person's day, jolting them awake from the stupor of their humdrum, boring, boring 'normal' life.

Random acts of kindness are interventions.

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