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Thursday, May 02, 2019


My local Albertsons grocery store made lots of changes after they were sold to a retail conglomerate in Texas last year, including adding a Starbucks stand and a small fresh sushi stand in the Service Deli section. Sushi always costs a lot, probably due to the labor involved, so I have been buying one only on Albertsons's Senior Discount (10% off!) Day each month. The California Roll is the cheapest, and the ten little roll things make two meals.

But that gets kinda boring, even with wasabi and ginger and a packet of soy sauce. So I looked at what else the two workers/franchisees could make, and came up with New Mexico Breakfast Sushi.

There would be slices of fried egg (whipped up with some cream, like an omelette), bacon or sausage, cheddar cheese, maybe a green onion slice, and the usual rice wrapped up in the seaweed. To make it truly New Mexican, they could offer either the plain version or a set with Hatch green chile™ - inside, not as a salsa. No wasabi, no ginger, no soy sauce - but it's gotta have two packets of ketchup in the box!

So next time I go food shopping I will speak to the two franchisees and see if I can enroll them in dangerous activity such as innovation . . .

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