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Thursday, May 09, 2019


Drove the 40 miles up to the Albuquerque V.A. Medical Center last month for my fourth session of experimental acupuncture, which seems to produce a wonderful effect. After that, I decided to mosey up San Mateo to Jack-in-the-Box (don't often get to Jack's cuz there are none in Valencia County).

After ordering my sandwich, I set my drink on the table and noticed that Congresswoman Deb Haaland was seated at the other end of the room. So I walked over to say hello.

(Fear did not even occur to me since I have practiced Landmark Education's technology for forty years now, including SELP, TMLP, the Six-Day Course, and the Communications Curriculum.)

She was with two staff members and they all asked nice questions, and I responded about my longterm Reason-Based Taxation project. One said that he remembered the document and named two workers who were assigned to look into it.

They walked away with a positive conversation from a non-constituent (I'm in District 2) and a reminder about Reason-Based Taxation; what I walked away with was on overt invitation to come in to the office in Downtown Albuquerque to have a deeper conversation on the matter.

Not a miracle? There are 2.1 million residents in New Mexico. What are the odds that Deb Haaland and I would choose the exact same restaurant for lunch?

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