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Sunday, October 02, 2016

couldna' said it better

Trump brings up Bill's affairs . . . to mask his own.
Trump says Hillary is ill . . . to mask his own health problems.
Trump calls Hillary crooked . . . to mask his unspeakable business record.
Trump accuses the Clinton Foundation of fraud . . . to mask his own fraudulent foundation.
Trump calls Hillary a liar . . . are you kidding me?
Trump claims Hillary's temperament is a major problem . . . to mask his own sociopathic behavior.
Trump claims Hillary is a bigot . . . to hide his own blatant racism.
Trump claims Hillary is anti-women . . . are you kidding me?
Trump accuses Hillary of being pro-Russian . . . to mask the obvious love affair he has with Putin.
Trump says Hillary cannot handle foreign affairs . . . to mask his countless stupid remarks on NATO, nuclear weapons, Crimea, North Korea.
Trump gets tough on illegal immigration . . . to hide his wife’s status and the thousands of illegals he hires in his hotels and casinos.
Trump gets tough on trade . . . to hide his foreign manufacturing sources.

~~ comment on Washington Post website by 'pro science' 2 October 2016

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