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Friday, December 02, 2022


I first encountered iced coffee on a menu around 1975, at Warner Brothers Studios, and again later at M.G.M Studios. Studio commissary menus have their own tradition: they all had matzoh crackers on the table, and offered chicken soup, cold beer, and ice coffee. Across the years since, I have usually ordered iced coffee in warm weather, and the server person would say "We don't have that." And I would ask "Do you have coffee? Do you have ice?" - most servers quickly understood, so I proceeded to tell them the recipe.

1)) Take a large glass and fill it with ice cubes.
2)) Slowly pour hot coffee into the glass - until the ice is floating.
3)) Add more ice cubes to top of glass.
{ these last two were added for the blog recipe }
4)) Add sweetener or cream-ness however you want.
5)) Drinking straw not required, but it is fun to make slurping noises, no matter where you are.

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