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Thursday, October 08, 2020

Two Letters Printed Today !

Albuquerque [NM] Journal Thursday 8 October 2020
Opinion Page / Speak Up! Section [page A13]

A FRIEND of mine is sewing fabric face masks with a pacifier inside, for bikers and Republicans and others who whine about wearing a mask for safety during the COVID-19 epidemic. The whiners won't buy such a thing, but they make an interesting gift idea.

Valencia County News-Bulletin
Thursday 8 October 2020
Opinion Section [page 4-A]

Bowling Alley Park?
       Went over to Belen [recently] to The Grid Gallery on Becker Avenue. Got a free Biden/Harris bumper sticker and discussed King Arthur.
       I was impressed by the huge hole in the sky from the absence of the old bowling alley. And the M-90 Doodlebug sure is real pretty.
       Well, I am a very creative guy, so the following idea soon appeared:
       The City of Belen should buy the vacant land, probably cheap in price since there is now nothing on it. Tear out the temporary asphalt and replace with grass. Then name it Bowling Alley Park and erect a gigantic bowling pin, sorta like the big pistachio nut down in Alamogordo, only at least 100-feet tall.
       Then the city and the Chamber of Commerce can challenge the silly people who like to climb big boulders to come here and climb to the top — but no pitons!
       The climbing permit would cost a dollar and include life insurance; no permit then the climber broke the law and cannot sue the city for any mishap.
       Just think about it: T-shirts, postcards, an annual Bowling Pin Festival, Miss Pin-spotter! Belen could become as famous as Yosemite Park!

     Rio Communities, New Mexico

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