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Saturday, April 11, 2020


I looked into what the historic record shows as to documented massacres and mass murders in the U.S.A. Surprisingly, Gen. Custer is responsible for only 100+ Native Americans massacred at the Battle of Washita River in 1868.

Round Valley Settler Massacres in California, 1856-59: White settlers killed over a thousand Yuki Indians over the course of three years in an uncountable number of separate massacres.
Death toll: 1000+ Native Americans.

Dakota War, August–September 1862: The Sioux killed as many as 800 white settlers and soldiers throughout Minnesota; some 40,000 white settlers fled their homes on the frontier.
Death toll: 450–800 settlers & soldiers.

Yontoket Massacre, 1853: A posse of settlers attacked and burned a Tolowa rancheria at Yontocket, California during a prayer ceremony.
Death toll: 450 Native Americans.

Old Shasta Town Massacre, 1851: California miners killed 300 Wintu Indians and burned down their tribal council meeting house.
Death toll: 300 Native Americans.

The Wounded Knee Massacre, 1890: A detachment of United States Army Cavalry soldiers wiped out a Lakota camp on a reservation in South Dakota.
Death toll: 250-300 Native American men, women & children.

That creepy guy who opened fire on concert-goers from a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2017 killed only 58 and wounded 413 (then committed suicide).

So that leaves Donald Trump as the Number One Mass Murderer in U.S. History by far, with at least 20,000 deaths due to his greed and incompetence as-of Easter Sunday April 12th. And total 100,000 deaths by Memorial Day, almost twice as many in three months as the number of Americans who died in the ten years of the VietNam War.

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