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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

my letter published in today's Albuquerque Journal newspaper

wind & solar power is good for New Mexico

The Rio Grande Foundation claims to be non-partisan, but they are not: a good portion of their funding is from the State Policy Network, which is partly funded by the Koch Brothers and other polluters.

The Rio Grande Foundation's recent letter/op-ed in the Journal (May 12th) is filled with propaganda that is intended to prevent progress in renewable energy in New Mexico.

One point that is easily rebutted is Rio Grande Foundation's claim that the production tax credit of $24 per megawatt is 'an enormous sum'. The 1992 federal law that pertains here mandates a 1.5 cent tax credit per kilowatt. Such production tax credits are payable for ten fiscal years, while typical solar panels are warranted for 25 years.

The tax credit has been increased for inflation; the current 2.4 cent per kilowatt production tax credit is still much lower than the charge on my P.N.M. bill of 8.3 cents per kilowatt. This incentive has P.N.M. building hundreds of acres of solar and wind farms around New Mexico.

Production of electricity by solar and wind and other renewables is a very good deal for New Mexico. Just not so good for the Rio Grande Foundation and the fossil-fuel companies who fund them.

Rio Communities, New Mexico

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