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Sunday, December 31, 2017

News Factoids for Fourth Quarter 2017

There are 670,000 pieces of space junk orbiting Earth.

87% of Alphabet's revenues come from Google's ad business.

Americans have acquired the highest-ever outstanding credit card debt, back up to $1.021 trillion, beating the previous record of $1.02 trillion of April 2008.
~~~ per U.S. Federal Reserve, in June 2017

The word 'scientist' was coined in 1834, and the word 'ecology' in 1866.

EXTRACTED from a long email (from sender unknown)
Societies had years to adapt to change driven by the steam engine, electricity, and the computer. Today, change is instant and ubiquitous. It arrives digitally across the globe all at once. The fourth industrial revolution is already here. . . Driverless cars and trucks rule the road, while robots 'man' the factories. Super-smartphones hail Uber helicopters or even planes to fly their owners across mushrooming urban areas. Machines use algorithms to teach themselves cognitive tasks that once required human intelligence, wiping out millions of managerial, as well as industrial, jobs . . . The result is a new bipolar world based on technology rather than nuclear arsenals. Today’s superpowers are tech giants: the United States and China.

Chocolate is a good substitute for cough medicine. Ran out of Walgreens liquid cough medicine during a rare and recent cold/sore throat episode; eating a tablespoon of chocolate chips (slowly) alternated with honey-eucalyptus cough drops did a real good job on my throat until I was able to get to the store. (Eating 6 to 8 vitamin C pills of 1000mg each per day, per Linus Pauling, broke the cold portion of the problem in just two days.)


A delicatessen in Brooklyn is now offering the Trump Sandwich: made with white bread, lots of baloney, Russian dressing, and a small pickle!

The Telegraph (U.K.) reported that the average price for a weekend at a Trump hotel dropped 36 percent in the last year.

"In a 30-minute interview, President Trump made 24 false or misleading claims"
Donald Trump's recent 30-minute New York Times interview is rife with falsities, as annotated by this article in the Washington Post. (Many were previously fact-checked, but Trump pays no attention to the facts in any subject that he blathers about.) click here

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