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Friday, January 31, 2014

December 2013-January 2014 News Factoids

The financial ratings agency Standard & Poor’s said Wednesday that the 16-Day TEA Party Shutdown “to date has taken $24 billion out of the economy,” equaling $1.5 billion dollars a day and “shaved at least 0.6 percent off annualized fourth-quarter 2013 G.D.P. growth". — ABC News, 10/17/2013

While the TEA Party was extremely vocal in blaming Obamacare for their tantrum, saying that Obamacare will cost Americans $35 billion over ten years (not true, but repeated without shame), the 16-Day TEA Party Shutdown sucked $24 billion out of the economy in just 2½ weeks (as reported by ABC News and by Standard & Poors). Be sure to thank a Republican!

On Thursday December 5th fast food workers struck for a living wage in 110 cities, with protestors supporting in another 100 – the movement is growing exponentially.

According to data from NASA'a G.R.A.C.E. satellite (which measures shifts in gravity) the magnetic North Pole has jumped four feet eastward since 2005, and the data correlates with the ice that has melted away at the top and bottom of the planet. (per weekly column of

New U.S.P.S. first class postage rate of 49 cents (up 3¢) started on 25 January 2014.

Then-President Lyndon Baines Johnson told U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen [GOP-IL] in a recorded conversation in November 1968 that President Nixon committed treason when his campaign people asked South VietNam to delay the Paris Peace Talks until after the election, promising that he would negotiate a better deal than L.B.J. once elected. That tape was not released to the public until December 2008, so the matter is moot. Except for the part where Republicans glorify Nixon as a patriot without being laughed at.

Phillip Morris has bought a lot of advertising airtime for Superbowl XLIX in January 2015. They are currently negotiating with major networks and publishers to market 'Marlboro M' on air and in print; the marijuana cigarette ads would be broadcast only in Colorado & Washington, while generic Marlboro ads will broadcast elsewhere.
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