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Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 2012 News Factoids

Just 196 super-wealthy persons have provided more than 80 percent of the Super P.A.C. money spent in the presidential election (thru June 2012).

Doubt the drought (and global warming)? As-of mid-August of 2012, one-half of U.S. counties have been declared federal disaster areas due to drought.

There is a marvelous video excerpt of Barack Obama's speech in Pueblo, Colorado on 8 August 2012
{watch video [2:29] free on YouTube}

A giant mass of pumice (lightweight volcanic rock) is floating on the ocean surface of the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and the island nation of Tonga. Some of the chunks are as high as two feet above the water, and the mass extends for 250 nautical miles by 30 nautical miles (26,000 square miles). The likely source is eruption activity at the ocean-floor volcano Monowai.

Middle-class income and wealth fell in the last 10 years. Median middle-class income dropped 5% in the 2000s, while net worth plummeted 28% – from $129,582 to $93,150 – as housing prices shriveled. The middle class has steadily shrunk over the years, falling from 61% in 1971 to 51% of the population in 2011. ~~ per The Los Angeles Times, based on a Pew survey report
The nice folks at advised me of a broken link on the old WMail ezine pages, so thanx guys.

That correction found a few similar links that may be useful to all readers:
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