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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Website Statistics for 2012

The website statistics for my many websites were gathered together on January First, and posted on my Annual Website Statistics Page. Too much info to include here (and the Blogger editor is a supreme hassle for coding tables), so here is the link and here is a very short summary:

I constructed 136 new pages last year for a total of 1,236, and coded 2,172 new book/DVD line items for a total of 17,936 on all the websites. Also I now have 321 connections on LinkedIn and posted a total of 45 essays or quotation pages or news factoid pages to this blog (this post is #255).

G.E. Nordell main website
Rick Walker, P.I. detective novels
Dateline Chamesa weblog [est. 2005]

Maison d'Etre Philosophy Bookstore & Beatnik Coffeehouse
BlackHat Mystery Bookstore
Magic Lantern Video & Book Store
'Readers of the Purple Sage' Western Bookstore
Spirit of America Bookstore

The Working Minds Philosophy of Empowerment
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