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Friday, January 18, 2013


1) It was on Fox News, so it must be true.

2) If you give money to the One Percent, it will 'trickle down' as jobs for the 99%. (Hasn't happened in the history of Mankind, and is now known as 'Tinkle-Down Economics'.)

3) Labor is the problem, off-shoring jobs and factories is the solution. {See #2.}

4) If the Democrats would only concede [the issue], we'll give up our obstruction.

5) {choose from list} is/are your friend!
a) mountaintop mining
b) toxic fracking chemicals
c) genetically-modified food
d) global warming
e) clear-cut logging
f) Big Oil / Big Pharma / Big Banks / Big Farming
g) Wall Street
h) de-regulation

6) Preventing solutions by Congress is actually a solution.

7) Obedience to {choose from list} will keep America free.
a) the pseudo-Christian fundamentalist taliban
b) the Koch Brothers & A.L.E.C.
c) bankers
d) gun manufacturers and the N.R.A. gun lobby
e) international corporations & banks not based in the U.S.A.

8) Attacking (yet another) foreign nation will free them from oppression.

9) We have to destroy {choose from list} in order to save it.
a) Social Security
b) Medicare & Medicaid & ObamaCare
c) the Post Office
d) free education
e) government

10) Don't worry about giving up your rights, it is only temporary. And besides, the fascists are your friends.

“If the Republican Party had anything of value to offer the American voter they would not have to lie and cheat and steal to win elections.”
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