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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Patting Myself On The Back

It came up in conversation again recently, the right-wing meme that 'nobody could have predicted the G.O.P. Economic Meltdown of 2008'. I refuted that person's falsehood by citing my own early predictions on the matter, but of course since I only carry a dumb-phone (i.e. not a smart phone) along with me, I did not have the citations at my fingertips.

So here is that list of citations, as hotlinks, for direct use by me or you:

WMail Newsletter Essay #39 January 2004: "The 100-Year Exercise"
look for the phrase 'Great Depression II'

WMail Newsletter Essay #42 April 2004: "The Oligarchy"
look for the word 'bubble'

WMail Newsletter Essay #45 July 2004: "What is Reason?"
look for the word 'bubble'

WMail Newsletter Essay #51 March 2005: "The Three Economies"
the word 'collapse' is used in several places

WMail Newsletter Issue #54 March 2005
before the essay in 'News & Links of Interest'

WMail Newsletter Issue #72 November 2007: "Farewell Issue"
a warning about 'the imminent economic meltdown desired by the Bush-P.N.A.C. crime family'

WMail Newsletter Essay #76 June 2008: "How To Survive The Coming Depression"
the essay topic itself

. . . plus I suggested the Virtual Tea Party in January 2002
WMail Newsletter Essay #19 January 2002: "Virtual Tea Party"

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