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Monday, September 03, 2012

Lubbock, Texas Concentration Camps

Lubbock County, Texas professional idiot and elected judge Tom Head somehow acquired 'knowledge' of President Obama's secret plan to send United Nations troops into West Texas after his re-election to take over the city and put Republicans into concentration camps. Then Judge Head got himself on any radio or TV talk show that would have him, talking about it, ad nauseum.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon had a cool response: He said that the United Nations has no plans whatsoever to 'mess with Texas'.

But I am still left with several questions.

1) Since the concentration camps in question were built under a five-year contract with Halliburton – see 2006 Halliburton press release – why does Judge Head blame President Obama?

2) Why are so many crazy people living in Texas?

3) How does Judge Head explain his access to 'secret plans' of the President?

4) If these plans are indeed secret, did he not commit treason by revealing them?

5) Why is there no Justice Department investigation of Judge Head's claims? Or even an investigation of the sources of the 'leak'?

6) Does the Lubbock, Texas Chamber of Commerce have no better way to get into the news stream?
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