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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three-Party Presidential Race

Going into the final primary elections of 2008, there are three opposing contenders. Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama versus John McCain.

McCain has lousy political beliefs and is a hothead, but he seems never to have wavered from his loyalty to America. Obama is a political descendent of Abe Lincoln, and he has the ability to manage the country even during crises such as a Civil War (which is entirely possible if he does get elected).

The most dangerous candidate is Hillary Clinton, who has sold out already to the Corporatist Party.

She has met with and made deals with Rupert Murdoch and Richard Mellon Scaife, and the corporations are funding her campaign (while Obama & McCain hustle for donations from The People).

The D.N.C. and chairman Howard Dean try to be fair, avoiding Hillary's on-going attempts at coercion & manipulation.

If Barack wins the nomination, he will beat McCain and things will get contentious, but move toward the progressive. If Hillary wins the nomination, the battle will shift toward Revolution (since she is a Corporatist), the Class War will intensify, and the Clinton Depression will wreak havoc around the world.

We The People will suffer worse times if Hillary is the stealth candidate for the Corporatist Party on the November ballot.

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