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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Call For General Strike

The way that events are progressing (or not progressing) in America suggest that the present P.N.A.C.-Fascist government will likely prevent democratic elections in November.

With or without invokation of martial law, We The People need to send a very strong message to the other side in the Perpetual Class War, strong enough that they cannot ignore the message.

Everyone who still honors the U.S. Constitution is charged with speaking into existence a General Strike on Labor Day (Monday 1 September 2008) in the United States.

1) Enroll everybody that you know who cares about Freedom. Persons outside the U.S. are invited to participate, as an expression of Solidarity. Pass on the link to this Call For General Strike:

2) Simply do not leave your residence for the entire 24 hours (local time). Also, make no purchases online or by phone. Stay off your cell phone.

3) No violence is required; in fact, no violence is even possible during this protest.


a) Pass the text of this blog-page by email to lots of people.

b) Post the text of this blog-page to all your social-networking & bookmarking sites.

1 comment :

joab said...

ok, but i think a week would be better

but i'll go along with it

joab in marietta, GA