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Monday, December 31, 2007

Year-End News Factoids

China's environmental damage subtracts from their Gross Domestic Product an amount equal to China's over-hyped economic growth.
Mother Jones Magazine, Jan-Feb 2008

"Deforestation accounts for 18 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, a rate higher than the global transportation sector's [emissions], pegged at 14 percent."
— Jacques Leslie (Mother Jones Magazine, Jan-Feb 2008)

In April 2001, a gigantic dust storm formed in Mongolia that left 50,000 metric tons of yellow dust across the U.S.A., and dropped even more from Kamchatka to Japan to the Canary islands off the African coast.
—Mother Jones Magazine, Jan-Feb 2008

Particulates from Asia now make up half of California's annual average pollution limit.
— Mother Jones Magazine, Jan-Feb 2008

"China burns more coal than virtually all the world's developed nations combined."
— Mother Jones Magazine, Jan-Feb 2008

"Taxation above 19% shrinks government and taxation below 19% makes government grow."
— Jonathan Rauch (Atlantic Monthly, June 2006)

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