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Saturday, December 22, 2007

December News Factoids

The U.S. National Debt increases at a million dollars a minute.
— AP Radio News

Permafrost in Mongolia has thinned to 3-6 feet during the past seven years and will be entirely melted in 20 years if global warming is not curbed.
— AP Radio News

"If you count the cost of healthcare as a tax, Americans are the highest-taxed country in the world."
— caller Brian on the Bill Press radio show

68% more homes are going into foreclosure than last year.
— AP Radio News

Single-family home construction is the lowest in 16 years.
— AP Radio News

"In the US, annual trash from gift wrap and shopping bags is four million tons."
— AP Radio News

The Palo Verde Nuclear Plant in Arizona has just been given a Category 4 safety rating, the last level before being shut down.
— KPHX Radio News 20 December 2007

The Lakota Nation indigenous people have unilaterally withdrawn from all 33 treaties with the U.S. government.
— AP Radio News

"There are 63 lobbyists for every Congressman."
— U.S. Senate candidate Ned Lamont (2006)

New Mexico has the fourth highest hunger rate in the U.S.

"95% of Fortune 500 companies pay less than 5% in taxes."
— David Sirota (2006)

"Estimated average credit-card debt per U.S. card-holding household is $9,312."
— Time Magazine

"The amount by which America's total spending exceeded their earnings was $41.6 billion."
— Harper's Index, April 2006

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