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Sunday, September 24, 2006

WMail #63: "Bush & Blackmail"

the September issue of the free WMail 'Working Minds' philosophy & activism email newsletter is sent out, and also posted online

the essay topic is "Bush & Blackmail", posted online at; the full issue includes news & comments and a couple dozen quotations, and that is posted at

the October issue will be on the topic "The War In Iran"

the last issue was the Third All-Quotes Issue, along with a few news & comments items, and the issue is posted at

previous All-Quotes issues were WMail Issue #36 [October 2003] and WMail Issue #43 [May 2004]

each issue is posted online –
and the essays are also posted separately –
the quotations are posted by author –

sign up for the free ezine via email here

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