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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bush 43 is 'The Toxic President'

•• He increased the National Debt by 49% – a dollar amount larger than the prior 42 presidents combined.

•• He has destroyed America's reputation as any kind of Beacon of Freedom.

•• The entire world is mad at the U.S.A. for starting the War in the Middle East.

•• He refuses to comply with the Kyoto Treaty, and in fact supports pollution at every hand.

•• The average worker earns less, healthcare is a farce, and corporate executives are over-paid pirates.

•• War-profiteering abounds, and money for Katrina relief went to corporations – NOT to residents of the Gulf Coast.

•• The treasonous act of outing Valerie Plame and Brewster-Jennings destroyed the C.I.A.'s trust among the intelligence community.

•• Felonious wire-taps and secret data-mining schemes cause fear of expression among all Americans.

Regime change in November 2006 !!
Impeachment starts in January 2007 ...

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