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Saturday, August 26, 2006

London Terrorists

Various Letters to the Editor about the recent arrests of terrorist plotters in London were opining absent quite a few facts.

1) Dubya was briefed on the matter on the Friday before the Monday announcement (as well as on Saturday & Sunday).

2) Cheney & the talking heads spent the weekend spewing bilge on TV about the Democrats being 'soft on terror'.

3) The following weekend's interview shows were used to connect British police work (wrongly) to the Bush administration's illegal & un-Constitutional wiretaps & data-mining.

4) Dubya's claim for credit in making the arrests has no basis.

5) Although the Brits cooperated in announcing the arrests on the day before the Connecticut primary, the police are upset that they were forced to close in on the terrorist cell prematurely – it will be difficult to convict them because (a) they had not purchased airline tickets, and (b) they had not gotten their passports or visas.

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