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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dubya's Third Term

Dubya's photo-op yesterday with Rockey Vaccarella of Louisiana was a fake, and quite scary.

1) Rockey was towing an 'honorary' F.E.M.A. trailer.
2) Rockey announced the trip beforehand.
3) Rockey is a Republican candidate for office in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.
4) The script, probably written by Karl Rove, included Rockey's gushing wish that Dubya would have another four years to 'help' victims of Hurricane Katrina (conveniently avoiding the fact that Dubya caused the flooding & subsequent F.E.M.A. fiasco).
5) The 22nd Amendment, passed in 1951, limits the president to two terms.

The scary part is that Dubya will have a big problem running for a third term as an impeached felon, so this trial balloon from Rove points to a pre-emptive declaration making Bush 43 the first fascist dictator of the United States, with his 'third term' being permanent.

Expect this to happen shortly after the Democratic victories in November 2006 and before the Democratic House & Senate convene in January 2007.

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