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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Got Physicians Formula Oil?

many years ago, I discovered a marvelous clear oil that was sold at SavOn & Thrifty Drugs that just made chafed or burned or itchy dry skin get all kinds of better; I used it myself on occasion, and when my father was being treated for cancer, his arms got all messed up - blotchy and dry and bruised - so I loaned him my bottle of Physicians Formula Oil and his arms were better the next day; he was much relieved by the improvement; the same improvement showed when my mother used the Oil on a patch of shingles

when my bottle of Physicians Formula Oil later ran out, I went looking for another, but could find nobody who even knew about the Oil; apparently the Physicians Formula company is now producing only makeup and skin toner (with ginseng & collagen!) and the original, wonderful product is no longer available anywhere

but perhaps the magic of the internet can locate a source elsewhere: I have in mind something like the websites that sell Nehi® sodas or nostalgic candy from Fifties matinees or places in Vermont that sell real maple syrup (from trees)

and if no such source now exists, maybe somebody can arm-wrestle the formula/process for manufacturing the Oil from the mean old corporation, and set up a boutique lab up in the mountains somewhere, and set up a website ...

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