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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dearth of Capitalism

Ayn Rand stated in 1967 that no actual capitalist economy has ever been instituted, and my essay "Paleo-Capitalism" – WMail ezine Issue #40 – redefined capitalism as 'the creation of jobs, products and services'

non-capitalism is evident wherever there is exploitation of natural resources, downsizing, reduction of employee power and benefits, economic slavery & indentured servitude, closing of factories and-or off-shoring of jobs

the only major Paleo-Capitalist in America today is Warren E. Buffett, whose Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. finds companies, invests in them, reorganizes them for productivity, treats their employees with respect, and makes a ton of money

if Mr. Buffett cared, I would give him an award

those in the also-ran or short-listed category include:

Bill Gates: lucky man, and hard-working, and a sincere philanthropist, but still in the thrall of his stockholders

Ted Turner: a classic entrepreneur, but lately a guilt-ridden member of the Oligarchy {Ted: not your fault what Time-Warner does with your former enterprises}

Robert Redford: low-key filmmaker and environmentalist; he is honorable but silent on most important issues

The Waltons: Sam Walton may have been a good guy, but his descendents/heirs are prime examples of the damage being done in the name of [pseudo-] capitalism these days

George Soros: made a literal 'killing' in the financial markets, now tries to implant democracy & human rights in poor countries whose gross national product is in many cases less than his annual interest income

I say: "The people of the U.S.A. have the unalienable right to take back responsibility for control and management of the American economic system."

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