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Monday, April 10, 2017

Emperor Trump's Fake Missile Attack In Syria

On April 6, Emperor Trump faked a missile attack on Syria's Shayrat airfield as retaliation for the illegal chemical bombing attacks by Syrian military on civilians on April 4th. Two U.S. Navy warships were ordered to fire Tomahawk missiles at the airfield; per officials, 59 missiles were launched (one fell into the sea). Russian military later said that only 23 missiles reached their target.

So here's the math: each Tomahawk missile costs $1.87M x 59 launched, so that was $110.33 million of taxpayer money on the surface (plus costs for ships & personnel, etc.) – for no purpose other than a P/R boost for Trump.

So what's fake about this? According to several reports, Emperor Trump called his hero dictator Vladimir Putin to warn of the pending attack; Putin called his sidekick dictator Assad of Syria to warn him; Assad ordered all planes parked in their bunkers; and finally, not one missile landed on the runways, which would be the objective in a real military action. One pundit describes the event as 'Trump's fireworks show'.

While the middle steps are composed of rumor and conjecture, the White House confirmed that 'more than two dozen' members of Congress were notified in advance of the strike; the U.S. also notified several countries in advance of the strike thru international channels, including Canada, the U.K., Australia, and Russia ('to minimize any chance of Russian casualties').

The final factoid has a basis in fact: Syrian air forces launched further bombing raids from the targeted airbase the very next day: i.e. no damage to the runways.

(ADDED: Went to an appointment at the V.A. hospital the next day after posting this and an employee pointed out that Trump owns stock in Raytheon, the main manufacturer of Tomahawk missiles; not surprisingly, shares of Raytheon have spiked, meaning Trump is directly profiting from his Syria 'attack'.)

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