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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Keep Cool With Popsicles

Global warming has arrived (be sure to thank a Republican) with the last three years breaking records as the hottest year ever. This trend is likely to continue.

I was looking for something different at the local Lowe's grocery store and decided to grab a bag of popsicles. Brilliant move. There are 18 two-stick popsicles in the bag, made of three fruit-juice flavors; the bag costs $3.29, which is 18¼ cents each.

Why I think this is worthy of posting on the blog is that I now have a super-cold popsicle instead of a glass of Kool-Aid or iced tea. Very refreshing, and it seems not to add calories like a meal – I am even losing a little bit of weight (although that could also be from the sweat pouring out of my pores!).

I have ordered a window air conditioner for the master bedroom from Home Depot which will arrive on Saturday. It is only going to get hotter, all around the planet – there is no reversing global warming. Maybe next year I will buy another A/C unit for the living room window.

Or as former talk radio host Randi Rhodes liked to say: "Fight global warming. Be cool!"

Copyright 2016 by G.E. Nordell, all rights reserved

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