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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Early Voting Fun

I drove down the hill yesterday to the new Temporary City Hall so that I could do Early Voting (which started February 12th) for the Municipal Election on March 4th. Filled out the form, put ink in the proper ovals, and put the Official Ballot into the Official Voting Machine. I was voter #27. So the precinct ladies thanked me and I got up to leave, and I asked if there was an 'I Voted' sticker to wear.

Well, the new City of Rio Communities is struggling to get funding, and the election process is a huge expense, so they decided not to purchase any such stickers, which cost entirely too much - $100 for a roll of a thousand.

So I said something like "That's a shame", and the Official Election Clerk reached across her desk and got a sheet of white address labels and wrote on one "I Voted!". She handed it to me and I stuck it on my t-shirt and thanked them and wore it proudly for the rest of my errands.
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