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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Root Cause of the War in Syria

This got cleared up for me today on the Randi Rhodes Radio Show.

Syria and other parts of the Middle East have experienced a severe drought for the last five years. In Syria, 85 percent of the livestock died, and 75 percent of the crops failed. So the hungry citizens migrated to the cities, hoping for work or food or some way to survive, which they did not find.

Despotic President Bashar al-Assad noticed that the shortage in wheat had raised the price sky-high, so he appropriated the harvest and sold 1.5 million metric tons to other countries and then pocketed the money (most likely to secret off-shore accounts). The people are starving, there is no bread and little water, so the masses have been ripe for revolutionary propaganda from Muslim fanatical groups such as al-Qaeda and the taliban.

The Syrian Civil War has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians since the official beginning in the Spring of 2011. There is no 'good' side here. The rebels are anti-democratic, Assad is anti-democratic. Russia is siding with Assad's government (for access to the oil fields), and the United Nations and the U.S.A have sided with the rebels, hoping that their eventual win will provide access to the oil fields.

One of the serious solutions which has been kept from discussion is food-drops to the people of Syria. Problematic from the get-go since the rebels could hoard it for themselves, but air-dropping pallets of rice or wheat away from rebel strongholds and away from government strongholds could take the pressure off.

Meanwhile, President Obama is carefully planning air strikes against a foreign country and hoping that the war-mongers and the Xian promoters of Armageddon do not get their wish for World War III.
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