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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paris, New Mexico News for March

The list of candidates who have so far filed for elective office in the new City of Rio Communities is published in the local newspaper. The City election is scheduled for Tuesday May 14th. Of the 3,640 registered voters inside the new City, 1,063 showed up to vote in January; the result was 63% approving cityhood versus 37% against.

Three males have filed to run for the office of Mayor. Three males have filed for the office of Municipal Judge, ages 23 and 34 and 68.

Nine people filed to run for the four City Council seats; two of the winners will run again in March 2014 so that there is overlap; candidates include four males and five females.

I checked with the Registrar of Voters for Valencia County to get details on renaming R.C. to Paris, New Mexico. Not much can be done until the City Council is elected and convenes itself. What I need to do is circulate a petition to ask the City Council to 'call for' a ballot question on the next scheduled election, which is March 2014. The petition will ask for at least two choices: keep Rio Communities or change to Paris, NM. I will also design the petition to make room for third or fourth choices from others who circulate an equivalent petition prior to whatever is the official deadline. If I manage to obtain 50 or 100 signatures, then we would expect other petitions to go for a similar number.

Probably the next news will be after the April meeting of the Rio Communities Association, which will include a candidate 'meet and greet'.
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