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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paris, New Mexico!

This is a combination/re-edit of two Letters To The Editor that garnered publication in the local Valencia County News-Bulletin newspaper on January 26 and February 23.

     During all the discussion for and against cityhood over here in Rio Communities (which passed 63 percent to 37 percent), I was surprised to discover that the actual name of our new city is farther down the line in the cityhood process.
     So I have two points on the matter:

     First point is that we should be thinking outside the box or outside the nine dots (whichever metaphor works for you).
     Rio Communities is too long, perhaps, and East Belén will never happen.
     The best place to deliver your suggestions is at the R.C.A. monthly meetings (see website

     My second point is my own suggestion. Now I have always wanted to live in Paris, France, but that is probably not going to happen.
     Second best is to take the opportunity here and rename this new city across the river from Belén as Paris, New Mexico!
     No kidding, this could be great for our image. We can do sister cities with Paris, France, and the 10 other cities named Paris in the United States.
     Maybe get an endorsement from Paris Hilton.
     Build a 40-foot Eiffel Tower where N.M. 304 meets N.M. 47.
     So, please, Valencia County News-Bulletin readers, let’s use our creative talents and submit many suggestions, though topping my own suggestion will indeed be difficult.
     For as Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea.”
* *          * *          * *          * *
     Here are 10 more reasons why we should rename Rio Communities to Paris, New Mexico:
1. The Great Seal of the city of Paris, N.M., has an already-defined motto: Audrey Hepburn’s statement that “Paris is always a good idea.”
2. The new city council can outlaw wearing cowboy hats except by people who actually own a horse or cow. Other people who feel the need to wear a hat can buy a beret.
3. The schools can teach the kids how to sing “America The Beautiful” and “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” and “Home On The Range” in French.
4. An annual auto road race, that starts at the River Bridge, runs out the Manzano Expressway to UNM-VC, west to N.M. 47, south to U.S. 60, west to N.M. 304, and back. What will make the race exciting are the many potholes and the course being a figure eight. It would be called “The 24 Hours of Le Manzano.”
5. The restaurant at the golf course can add new items to the menu: French roast coffee and café au lait, of course, plus beignets, croque-monsieur and crepes suzette.
6. Wine sales will go up.
7. Instead of asking “Fries with that?” fast-food workers will get to ask “Avec pommes frites?”
8. We can celebrate Bastille Day on July 14.
9. The senior center can show movies with English subtitles.
10. The new Municipal Judge can sentence anyone convicted of D.W.I. to the guillotine.
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