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Monday, October 22, 2012

Legacy of Mary Pickford Defiled

The barbarian-controlled board at the Mary Pickford Foundation recently cut funding for the very-accomplished work done over many years by the non-profit Mary Pickford Institute for Film Education (M.P.I.F.E.A.) of West Los Angeles, California. The Foundation then demanded surrender of all of M.P.I.F.E.A.'s assets, including the domain name M.P.I.F.E.A. attempted to negotiate a less-damaging deal, but the Foundation chose to act in bad faith and rescinded their demands. The Foundation's latest act is legal terrorism: they filed suit against curator Hugh Neely in Federal court for $100,000 in damages and triple punitive damages (plus all legal fees).

The Foundation did not seek the domain thru the simple internet (I.C.A.N.N.) procedures because they would lose. They did not sue M.P.I.F.E.A. because if they won, they would bear the costs when they take over M.P.I.F.E.A.'s assets (and liabilities). The Foundation chose instead to sue an unprotected individual, an employee of M.P.I.F.E.A., its curator Hugh Neely, expecting that he will concede to their attack because he has no resources for a defense. The terrorism derives from the $50,000 cost to Neely to mount any defense.

But Hugh Neely is standing on principle and trying to muster a defense against the board of the Mary Pickford Foundation.

I say that the Foundation board are terrorists and fascists and barbarians and that Hugh Neely deserves the support of all who resist the looters who infest American business.

Hugh Neely Defense Fund [est. 9/2012]
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