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Friday, October 31, 2008

Essay #84: "Your Future Is Foreclosed"

        You are now a slave. The change took place on Sunday September 7th. Everyone in the United States of America, every man and woman and child in America – You are now a slave.
        You were charged on that date with paying off FIVE trillion dollars added to the Republican National Debt. The folks who took the money are the same Corporatist-Fascist-Federalist pirates who took control of the machinery of government in 2000, and now they have taken total control of the U.S. economy.
        And you are their slave.

        The full Republican National Debt stands at TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS. (Republican George W. Bush already ran up more debt than any other human being in the history of Mankind.)

        Your personal share of that debt, as a resident of the U.S.A., is $70,000. Every child too young for HeadStart owes the same amount, though they are not yet potty-trained.
        Alternate computation: Your personal share of the Republican National Debt as a taxpayer or voter (half the population) is twice that, so $140,000. And a duplicate amount is owed by your spouse or partner or other taxpayer or voter in your household.
        Look that debt amount in the eye. You owe that amount.
        You are a slave to the Master Class because they will not allow you to pay off the Republican National Debt in your lifetime, so your children and grandchildren are slaves as well. Today. Now.

* *          * *          * *          * *

        The Middle Class in America is gone, and in danger in all other countries around the world. Jobs were and are being off-shored, the Bush Economic Meltdown is just beginning, savings and other indicators have been negative all year, and because the Middle Class has no money (the Oligarchy took it all), the economy is grinding to a halt.
        So you are a member of the Working Poor, the economic class below the Middle Class. And as a member of the Working Poor, you will never be able to pay off that $70,000 share of the Republican National Debt.
        Every adult and every grandchild in America, every preschooler, every Senior on a fixed pension or Social Security, and every teenager has received the ‘gift’ of that debt from the Reagan-Bush-Bush dynasty, from the damaging policies of the Republican Party, in cahoots with the Corporatist-Fascist-Federalist Master Class.
        Ordinary Americans will never be able to pay off that $70,000 – or $140,000 or $280,000 per person, depending on how it is divided up. Ordinary Americans no longer can look forward to owning their home. Vacations are a practice of the past. No one else can afford your once-precious boat (or other toy) and you cannot afford the payments.
        You are a slave to the Master Class until the entire Republican National Debt has been paid off – to the Saudis and the Chinese and the Russian Mafia.

* *          * *          * *          * *

        When H.G. Wells wrote his novel “The Time Machine” in 1895, he predicted a future where the human race split into two descen- dent races: the simple and frail and handsome eloi race, who have no intellectual curiosity, and the morlock race, who are muscular and hairy and brutish and live in the dark and run the hidden machinery that provides for the easy life of the eloi.
        And the morlocks are always hungry, so whenever they find an opportunity to capture and eat one of the eloi, they do so.
        It is possible that Wells was prescient, but only half right. If the Master Class succeeds in taking over the entire planet, then Mankind will likely split into two directions from that point in time.
        But the Master Class are the Brutish Branch, and the Working Class are the Good Guys. Workers don’t produce much Art, or discuss Serious Matters. But give the Working Class a job that needs doing, and they are right there with sleeves rolled up. But we seem to be no match for the brutish and cannibalistic Master Class.

        The Class War is perpetual. It could very well continue to the year 802,701 A.D. (as per Wells).
        The Master Class is winning this Class War. THEY have your $70,000; they have the $70,000 owed by each and every grandchild in America; and in fact, the Master Class has the entire TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS stolen by the Republican Party – and what you get in exchange is slavery.
        How d’ya like that deal?

* *          * *          * *          * *

        The Master Class owns your future. Just like they own the petroleum futures, and set the price. And you pay.
        The Master Class controls grain steel and copper and gold futures. And you pay.
        The Master Class has a free ride because they control grain futures and agri-business. And you pay.

        The Master Class began the ethanol futures market in March 2005. If you have ethanol to sell, the Master Class sets their price to you and always sell at a profit – a profit to themselves (as handlers) and also a profit to the oil monopoly.
        And you pay at the pump.

        The next futures market will be water. And you will give your allegiance to the Master Class – you will agree to continue your slavery – or you will have nothing to drink. The Master Class will charge higher prices to small farmers and to small towns, gleefully watch them collapse as viable businesses, and then buy them up to add to their monopolistic corporations.
        What the Master Class does not control, they want. And they have become very skilled at getting what they want. The Romans provided ‘bread and circuses’ to keep the masses compliant, and the equivalent today is ‘fast food and cable TV’ – you are all compliant slaves, so-o-o-o surprised at Bush’s Economic Meltdown, how could such a thing happen and what does it mean. O.M.G!

        The Mandarins are the Master Class in China. They took back control and now use the Communist Party as the means to have what they want – a pseudo-capitalist economy based on slave wages and social cannibalism. The Chinese people have never been free, nor have the fellahin (peasants) of the Middle East, so they see no reason to complain, as long as they perceive their lives to be gradually improving.
        But Americans sold their freedom to the Reagan Machine. And YOU are going to pay the bill, slave.

* *          * *          * *          * *

        You are not likely to see this situation reversed, since almost half of American voters are emulating the lemmings of Scandinavia – follow the leader, right over the cliff. If the voters of America can’t muster the will to take back the helm of governance on November 4th and every election thereafter, the will to restore ALL the lost provisions guaranteed by the Constitution of 1787 (as amended), then slavery will be the future for you and all your family and every person that you know.
        Your future is a commodity, just like ethanol or oil, and the Master Class owns that future – as the paper contracts for the Republican National Debt of TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS.
        The Master Class grabbed a mere FIVE trillion dollars on September 7th in exchange for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac junk bonds. The Master Class – be they Mandarins of China or ‘oilagarchs’ of America or greasy princes of Arabian sheikdoms – will continue to use coercion and stealth and televised propaganda to achieve their aim, which is to have it ALL!
        Then there will be no need for them to pretend that the U.S. Constitution is anything but a piece of paper.
        A mortgage is a written contract. A governmental constitution is a written contract. But each such contract is only as good as the integrity, the absolute Word of the parties involved. The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’.
        Never did.
        The only guarantors of constitutional rule (in each country) are We The People.
        And We The People are not doing that job. Not in America, and not elsewhere.

        The Master Class has hijacked the judicial system, and the legislative system, and the Executive Branch, and now the economic system.
        You are a mere slave tenant in their world, the Master Class are the owners (the Oligarchs), and when they decide to foreclose . . .

Copyright 2008 by G.E. Nordell, all rights reserved

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