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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Essay #80: Rebuttal To The Rove-McCain Virus Email

1) Each & every person who forwarded this email is politically brain-dead.

2) The content of this email is fascist propaganda, i.e. false information. {FASCISM: the takeover of a government by corporate & military interests, as opposed to government By The People}.

3) The current U.S. National Debt is TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS, and somebody will have to pay it off, probably your grandchildren. What is unreporte4d (not on the books) includes the fact that Dubya has set aside ZERO dollars for bringing the troops home, and in fact, no money is designated for any military programs past fiscal 2010

4) If Republicans spend nothing more, the National Debt will STILL grow by TWO TRILLION DOLLARS in interest each year, which is basically extortion money paid to the Oligarchy (out of the workers/taxpayers' pockets).

5) Each and every person in America owes a National Debt portion of $70,000, including newborns and seniors with no income.

6) The Republicans spent the money, so let's give them the bill; that is $250,000 owed by each and every Republican (who get to keep their mealy mouths shut until they devise a plan to pay that debt).

7) Obama's ACTUAL plan is to CUT TAXES for the Middle Class by $1000 each and CANCEL the freebie Bush Tax Cuts deal for the Wealthy Class; McCain's plan is to give FURTHER tax cuts to the Wealthy Class.

8) The mis-named Death Tax does NOT affect you, only the wealthiest 100 families in the U.S; the ├╝ber-rich Walton family has spent over $100 MILLION to propagandize the sheeple -- which is working quite well, since their expected benefit is in the BILLIONS (and nothing for you).

9) The Dividend Tax does not affect you unless you earn over $100,000 in unearned income / dividends in the tax year. DO YOU?

10) The 2008 election cycle gives all American citizens the chance to choose between a fascist dictatorship and a constitutional republic. That is the only choice before you, no matter your location – democracy or fascism?

11) If the actual cost of health care in the United States is counted as a tax, then American taxpayers pay the highest income tax rate in the world - for faulty health care. Every industrialized nation except the U.S. has a version of single-payer healthcare, and in each case, the system works and the people live longer. Cost of healthcare in America is 16% of G.D.P., double any other country -- for faulty health care and 40 million not covered for any such care. Any single-payer or everybody-is-covered health plan here will reduce that cost, period.

12) "Congress is controlled by the Democrats" is simply a Republican lie.
           The House is currently 236 Dems to 199 Republicans: 56% to 44% is not that wide a margin.
           The Senate is 49 to 49, with independents Bernie Sanders & 'Traitor' Joe Lieberman; votes often hinge on bootlicker Lieberman.
           The 110th Congress last year DOUBLED the previous record for filibusters -- Republicans preventing any action by the Democrats-- and the number will likely break that record this year.
           The sad truth is that Congress is controlled by lobbyists of the Corporatist Party: There are 66 lobbylists in Washington, DC for each member of Congress.
           The two-part solution is campaign finance reform and enough Democrats to prevent such toddler-tantrum filibustering.

13) The budget is determined by the President, modified & passed into law by Congress. In Dubya's case, there is much spent that is truly off-budget, such as military funding (over & over) and the trillion-plus annual interest on the Republican National Debt.

14) America does not "tax corporations to death". Corporations are doing quite well, paying 15% in tax, while the dying Middle Class pays 28% or more. The last two years, savings in America has gone negative (and that is including what the Wealthy Class set aside) – the first such condition since the Republican Great Depression. Hmmm.

15) You forget (or never learned) that "Labor is the source of all wealth".

16) "We are a Republic, based on capitalism". You obviously failed Civics Class. The United States is a representative democracy, or was until the Reagan Revolution, which changed America into a fascist-corporatist Oligarchy.
           The Oligarchy now owns 65% of everything in America (similar around the world), and the Wealthy Class own 90%. The Middle Class is near dead, labor unions are prevented by law from organizing, and the goal of the Oligarchy is slave wages, a rubber-stamp Congress, and elections based on Fox News propaganda.

17) I am not a liberal, nor is liberal a dirty word. I am a progressive, and the Republican Party is told what to do by the Corporatist-Fascists, as delivered to them by the lobbyists of K Street, etc.

           Disregard this Rovian propaganda and vote in November. But be very clear about the choice that you are making: If you do not vote to restore constitutional democracy, or if you do not vote at all, then you have voted for the Corporatist-Fascist Oligarchy.

Copyright 2008 by G.E. Nordell, all rights reserved

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