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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fiscal Idiocy

• During George W. Bush's State of the Union Address last month, he proposed money for an Urban Pell Grant program for poor kids. He also proposed a sleight-of-hand tax cut for the Wealthy Class.

Dividing the $300 million amount proposed for the 15 million poor kids in America by the body count gives them $20 each toward their high school & college educations. {Whoop-te-do!}

Coincidentally, there are also around 15 million millionaires in the U.S., and dividing the $4.3 trillion amount proposed for the group by that body count gives each and every one of the millionaires $287,000 each – free money for the Wealthy Class, taken out of your pocket. [For more details, see muckraker Greg Palast's blogsite.}

• The emergency economic stimulous package is too late and too small. The current plan (still being fine-tuned in Congress) would have $100 billion sent out this Summer as rebates, which is $600 for most taxpayers.

• Last week, Dubya foisted his final budget on the American people, saying that there are major savings. However, the cold-hearted cuts to social programs like Medicare are over-ridden by huge increases in transfer payments to the Oligarchy. The deficit spending in this budget will be borne by the next President (whoever it is), and is twice the deficit of last year. This $410 billion deficit factors out as $1,400 per each and every resident man, woman & child in America =or= $4,100 for each taxpayer.

• Bush's bogus bribe of the American taxpayer gives each one $600 to spend this Summer AND the payback is $4,100 plus interest.

That being the deal, and the willingness of the sheeple to ask for more fiscal damage to be paid off by our grandchildren – well, maybe Bush isn't the fiscal idiot, the American taxpayer/voter is.

• When 'Dutch' Reagan took office, the National Debt was a mere $930 billion, which he and Bush 41 quadrupled (an increase of 300%). Clinton, during his first term, slowed the increase to 25%, and in his second term produced a balanced budget and a budget surplus. Bush 43 immediately squandered that surplus and has since *doubled* the horrible number of January 2001, and will leave office with a National Debt over $10 trillion, maybe more.

Dividing that amount by taxpayers gives a portion of $100,00 each; dividing by the population gives a portion of $35,000 for each and every man woman & child in America. (A minimum wage two-income family of five owes $175,000 to the future, and thus are effectively indentured servants.)

• But We The People do not have to pay this Republican National Debt. We did not ask for it, we did not benefit from it – the transfer of wealth from the Middle Class to the Oligarchy was and is a scam, done by stealth and under false pretenses.

So let We The People from this time use the term Republican National Debt in all discussions of fiscal matters. That way each Republican taxpayer owes $200,000 and the Democrats & independents can get busy rebuilding the damage done to the Constitution, to the economy, to America's reputation abroad, and to a government that used to work.

The Republicans and their P.N.A.C. storm troops ran up the $9 trillion debt accrued since 1981, so, hey, the Republicans get to pay that debt off.

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