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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October News Factoids

Lots of activity on the internet about boycotting Exxon-Mobil as a protest against price-gouging by the Oil Cartel. Better to boycott them all: Exxon-Mobil, Conoco-Phillips 66, B.P.-Shell, Chevron-Texaco-Unocal, and Wal-Mart – just do not buy gas there. That leaves Valero-Shamrock & Fina and others, plus your local "Bob's Gas" operations.

Profits of U.S. oil companies in the last six years were $477 BILLION!

Conservative talk radio (and worse: the vast right-wing extremism talk radio onslaught) is 89% of U.S. airtime, progressive talk only 10% as-of May 2007. What is curious about this is that the Radio-TV Cartel is in a panic about the Fairness Doctrine chimera, which no one is actually advocating.

Clear Channel is indeed 'flipping' K.L.S.D. in San Diego to a sports talk format (so that there will be no station for Democrats to purchase ads during the real 2008 election cycle).
Save K.L.S.D. website:

The number of individuals worth one million dollars rose 8% in the last year worldwide.

Less than 10% of income in America is taxed for Social Security.

2007 wages & salaries in the U.S are at the lowest portion of G.D.P. since 1929.

Americans now owe $850 BILLION in credit card debt, which is $9,659 for the average household. == per Mother Jones Magazine (Sept-Oct 2007 issue)

The number of foreclosure filings reported in the U.S. in July 2007 jumped 93 percent from July of 2006 and rose 9 percent from June 2007.

"This summer, Canada's fabled Northwest Passage – the shortest sea route from Europe to the Pacific – was free of obstructing ice for the first time in recorded history." == Time Magazine, September 2007

The United States provided funding of $159 million last year for research on solar technology versus $303 million for research on nuclear energy and $427 million for research on coal energy. == Time Magazine, July 2007

The United Nations Integovernmental Panel on Climate Change says [that] "man-made global warming is unequivocal", in a new report that confirms fears that global weather extremes are now becoming the norm across the planet. (August 2007)

Seventy percent of the 2006 C.I.A. budget for intelligence work was paid to private companies.

The U.S. Navy has stopped training Navy personnel for many jobs and has outsourced operation of the nuclear propulsion on our warships to mercenaries such as Halliburton & Blackwater.

"While the U.S. population grew 13% between 1993 and 2003, the amount of prescription drugs [that] we bought went up 70% over the same period."
== columnist Cecil Adams

77,000 highway bridges across the U.S. are classified as 'structurally deficient' or 'functionally obsolete', which is 25% – a serious infrastructure backlog caused by the long-term obstruction of highway funding bills by Republican politicianss under orders from Gingrich, DeLay & Hastert

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