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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Solution To Local Gang Problem

Valencia County News-Bulletin
Saturday 30 December 2006
Opinion / Letters [page 5A]

Churches must take a stand against gangs
The crime rate in Valencia County is the result of widespread tolerance of the gang ethos. There is not one clergyperson in the county, for example, who has taken a real stand against gang members (beyond verbal tsk-tsk-ing).

Virtually all the churches here are Bible-based, and the First Commandment states that no one shall have any allegiance higher than the Judeo-Christian God. Allegiance to a gang is in conflict with the First Commandment.

When the pastors and priests of Valencia County enforce a policy that no one holding allegiance to any gang can participate in, say, communion or confession, then the gang problem will be gone.

Gary E. Nordell
Belén, New Mexico

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