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Friday, April 28, 2006

drugs and execution

most current methods of execution are rough on the recipient, which is not a surprise since the purpose is to kill the person sentenced to death by the legal system; the newer methods of execution by injection are hardly better than electrocution or hanging or the firing squad (drawing and quartering has been out of favor for a while)

here's a better method for execution of criminals: inject them with heroin, which is a natural substance for which the human body has receptors, which is why getting hooked is so difficult to undo

the use of heroin for executions has two benefits over the other methods: first, the experience for the executee will be rather pleasant, actually, and the overdose no less lethal, which removes the complaints about cruelty

secondly, kids and others considering or being pressured to try a little 'pop' of heroin – no big deal, you can quit any time, no real harm done – will be clear that heroin is used to execute criminals because heroin is very, very lethal

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